starting a blog and my rifle paper co. obsession

I've decided to start a blog to organize all of my entertaining ideas, keep track of successful and failed pinterest attempts, and be able to remember my favorite time with friends and family - celebrations!

I have always loved holidays, birthdays, seasons, small gatherings, dinner parties, really anything that involves decorating, festiveness, gift-buying, and planning!  I am an extreme list maker.  I make so many lists that I lose track of them (kind of defeating the purpose) but it makes me feel so nice and organized to write down my ideas and to-do lists (and in terms of holidays and parties it makes me so excited!)

Few things make me happier than a beautiful journal or notepad in which to keep lists and ideas.  My current obsession is anything Rifle Paper Co.:

I'm not sure if they still sell this one, but other favorites are their pocket notebooks and the weekly desk pad that I bought my mom for Christmas :)

Speaking of Christmas, they have ridiculously cute wrapping paper and cards:

Ok enough about Rifle because I could probably go on about them all day!

My hope is that this blog helps me to better keep track of my ideas for celebrations and reel in my excited list-making a little bit, plus this way I can share my excitement and plans with my friends, family, and whoever else may be interested!

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