winter weekend getaway packing!

This weekend my friends and I are headed to the Poconos for some tubing, rest, and relaxation.  There will be 10 of us going and cars will be tightly packed for the journey.  I have been trying to narrow down my packing list to the bare necessities.  We will be spending most of our time hanging out at our rental house, so comfort is key.

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Major necessities for me are : a water bottle (always!), warm hat, moisturizer with SPF 30 to protect my face on the slopes, American Apparel winter leggings (extra warm!), cute wintry nails (Mariah Carey for OPI in Ski Slope Sweetie), and a cozy sweatshirt (I usually prefer men's).

We are also bringing lot's of food, games, and bathing suits for the hot tub :)

snow day crafting!

Since today was the third snow day in two weeks, I decided to try to be productive instead of the typical lazing around.  Valentine's Day is tomorrow and I made two different garlands that I will use to decorate for vday dinner and just to have around the house.

The first was a sparkly heart garland:
{materials = sparkly pink and gold card stock + gold string + scissors + tape}

-draw a heart on the back of the card stock and cut out to make pattern-
-use this pattern to trace many different hearts on the back of each color card stock-
-carefully cut out each heart-
-tie a loop at each end of a long piece of gold string-
-tape hearts onto string alternating pink and gold-
-hang from a mantle, window, etc.-

The sparkly card stock catches light beautifully.  I hung mine on the mantle and it moves slightly on its own, catching the light each time.  It looks almost like lights!

The second was a pom pom garland.  I picked up a bag of valentine's pom poms at target for $1.  
{materials = small pom poms + gold string + large looped needle + scissors}

-measure out a long piece of gold string-
-tie a knot + loop at one end-
-loop the other end through the needle-
-arrange pom poms in desired pattern-
-pierce the needle through the center of each pom pom as you string it on-
-keep them spaced evenly apart-
-tie a loop at the other end-

Enjoy the valentine's festiveness!
{excuse my chipped nails !}