valentine's day gift ideas

Last year the bf took me out for a really nice (and far too expensive) dinner.  I decided that this year we should just do something low key instead.  I feel like it's my turn to plan it this year so I've decided to make dinner and have been trying to think of a creative gift idea.

Some ideas:
1.  A wooden beer carrier from Meriwether of Montana on Etsy.  This shop also has wine carriers, racks, etc.  I could fill this with some of his favorite beers as well as other fun valentine's day goodies.

2.  A bkr water bottle.  I like to think that my water bottle obsession is rubbing off on him.  But really who wouldn't want a bkr bottle? (my current favorite)  It really is true that drinking out of glass tastes significantly better (and is much better for you!).  The standard 16 oz size comes in a nice dark grey called "storm" and they have new liter sized bottles(!) with one in a black called "moto."  I could also fill this with some small candies or include it with other small things in a gift bag.

3.  Cooking classes.  Some local restaurants offer cooking classes for around $40 per person.  We've talked about doing this and he could choose which day and which recipes he wanted to learn to make.

4.  I could also just go with the standard gift card idea, but I really prefer to put together more festive and meaningful gifts.

These are pretty random gift ideas but Valentine's Day gifts for guys can be tricky because most festive things are super girly and heart covered (which I of course love, but the bf not so much).  Next challenge will be holding back on going completely overboard with pink decorations for our dinner!

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