snow day crafting!

Since today was the third snow day in two weeks, I decided to try to be productive instead of the typical lazing around.  Valentine's Day is tomorrow and I made two different garlands that I will use to decorate for vday dinner and just to have around the house.

The first was a sparkly heart garland:
{materials = sparkly pink and gold card stock + gold string + scissors + tape}

-draw a heart on the back of the card stock and cut out to make pattern-
-use this pattern to trace many different hearts on the back of each color card stock-
-carefully cut out each heart-
-tie a loop at each end of a long piece of gold string-
-tape hearts onto string alternating pink and gold-
-hang from a mantle, window, etc.-

The sparkly card stock catches light beautifully.  I hung mine on the mantle and it moves slightly on its own, catching the light each time.  It looks almost like lights!

The second was a pom pom garland.  I picked up a bag of valentine's pom poms at target for $1.  
{materials = small pom poms + gold string + large looped needle + scissors}

-measure out a long piece of gold string-
-tie a knot + loop at one end-
-loop the other end through the needle-
-arrange pom poms in desired pattern-
-pierce the needle through the center of each pom pom as you string it on-
-keep them spaced evenly apart-
-tie a loop at the other end-

Enjoy the valentine's festiveness!
{excuse my chipped nails !}

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